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Installation Advantages

RedZone Air Handlers feature flexible installation options. Because there’s no outdoor vent required, the unit can be located virtually anywhere that’s convenient. There’s also no need to locate the Air Handler close to the Tankless Water Heater. The two are simply connected by water lines.


Warm air exiting the Air Handler also enjoys flexible installation
options. In new homes, 3” diameter high-velocity mini ducts fit
inside standard walls, eliminating the need for extra bulkheads.

This saves a lot of time and money. In retro-fit situations, existing

ductwork can be used – again, this is a very economical solution.


Also, the tankless water heater does not have to be located directly

on an exterior wall. Installers will appreciate the intelligent
engineering thatgoes into this system. Our Tankless Water Heaters
are designed for maximum venting flexibility - with everything from
S636, 2-pipe and concentric venting. You have the choice.

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