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  • Removable front panels for serviceability

  • 1" thick insulation

  • ECM motor with continuous low speed blower

  • 4 row water coil

  • To be compliant with most building codes, If there has not been a call for heat within a 24-hour period, the circulator will turn on for 2 minutes thus eliminating risk of bacteria.

  • Pump "Pre-charge" on a call for heat, turns pump on prior to blower in order to get warm/hot water in the coil thereby avoiding blowing cold air throughout the house

  • Blower "Scavenge" keeps the blower on after the call for heat [from t-stat] has ended so that valuable energy in the water coil is used up, not wasted

  • Direct replacement for: AirMax 30e & 50e plus
    Hi-Velocity Systems/ Energy Savings Products/ Temp-Mizer HV-50 & HE 50 models.

New - HVR High Velocity Retrofit Air Handler Features

MODELS                 HVR30/50                


Dimensions       14 x 29.5 x 18.5     

w" x h" x d"


Weight                  68 lbs (31 kg)    


BTU                      25,000/35,000                        

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