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Converting from a high-efficiency furnace for space savings

Here in this townhouse, the existing furnace and hot water tank was not situated near an outside wall, and was positioned right in the middle of the laundry room. The gas lines and furnace vents and hot water tank vent ran through a bulkhead in the adjacent room to the outside of the house. The tankless water heater was mounted to the outside wall and vented to the exterior of the house through the existing bulkhead. The Air Handler was mounted on the opposite wall, off the floor and utilized the existing ductwork. Thus creating a huge amount of extra floor space.


Before - The furnace and hot water tank are positioned in the middle of the laundry room.

After - The Air Handler was

installed off the floor, mounted

to the wall and utilizes the

existing ductwork.

After - The hot water tank and furnace were removed in order to create additional floor space. The Tankless Water Heater was installed above the dryer, and the Air Handler was installed on the opposite wall. 

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